Dr. Friedrich Bozenhardt

Certified attorney in commercial and corporate law
  • Dr. Friedrich Bozenhardt
  • Dr. Friedrich Bozenhardt

Friedrich, attorney specializing in trade and corporate law, advises domestic and international clients in all matters relating to corporate law including M&A. His practice includes providing personal counsel to shareholders, directors, management boards, and supervisory boards. In addition to his corporate law expertise, he specialises in banking and capital markets law, with specific regard to financial investments law. His portfolio of clients includes banks, savings banks, and institutional investors.

After completing his studies at the University of Tubingen, Friedrich worked as a research assistant under Professor Assman of the Chair for Trade and Corporate Law, where he also wrote a dissertation on stock company law, named “Takeover bids under German Law”. Friedrich has been involved in the practice of corporate and bank and capital markets law for over 20 years.

Friedrich is a member of numerous professional associations, of the Academic Association for Business and Corporate Law (VGR), of the Academic Organisation for Bank Law e.V. and of the Working Group for Bank Law  and Capital Law within the German Attorneys Association.

He advises our clients in German and English.

  • Der Bestätigungsbeschluss nach § 244 AktG – Mittel zur Heilung unrichtig festgestellter Hauptversammlungsbeschlüsse und zur Überwindung der Registersperre bei Anfechtungsklagen?,
    in: Festschrift für Karl Peter Mailänder zum 70. Geburtstag, 2006

  • Internationale Handelsschiedsgerichtsbarkeit, 1999 (gemeinsam mit Prof. Dr. Hans G. Krause)

  • Übernahmeangebote als Regelungsproblem zwischen gesellschaftsrechtlichen Normen und zivilrechtlich begründeten Verhaltensgeboten (gemeinsam mit Prof. Dr. Heinz-Dieter Assmann),  
    in: Assmann/Basaldua/Bozenhardt/Peltzer, Übernahmeangebote, ZGR-Sonderheft 9, 1990

According to JUVE, Friedrich is among the commonly recommended lawyers in corporate law and bank and capital markets law (most recently in their Handbook 2016/2017). 


T +49 711 16445-255
F +49 711 16445-107

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