Dr. Susanne Jochheim

  • Dr. Susanne Jochheim
  • Dr. Susanne Jochheim

Susanne advises companies and management in the area of compliance and in individual and collective employment law. This includes both advising company directors and compliance departments in order to avoid liability cases, as well as the appraisal of specific compliance violations in a business. Her advice is rigorously tailored to the specific needs of the client. In this regard, the size of the company and the industry play a decisive role.
Susanne develops codes of conduct and specializes in the formulation and implementation of compliance policies and the necessary negotiations with employee representatives. One focus of her activities is compliance training within the company. Clients also assign compliance functions to Susanne, e.g. as an ombudsman, in order to avoid the construction of internal structures.

After her studies in Bonn, Susanne completed her doctorate at the University of Hannover in employment law. Subsequently, she worked at the Robert Bosch GmbH for 18 years, including five years as head of human resources in the head office. In 2010, she established the compliance department of the Robert Bosch GmbH responsible for compliance worldwide and took over its management as Compliance Officer. Since 2014 Susanne has been working as a lawyer, since August 2015 as a lawyer of the compliance team of BRP. Furthermore she is also chairman of the supervisory board of ABACUS Financial Services AG.
Susanne teaches compliance management at the University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences.
She advises clients in German and English; she also speaks Spanish.


Stuttgart, Frankfurt
T +49 711 16445-325
F +49 711 16445-103
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