About us

At BRP, 60 attorneys and patent attorneys ensure that your legal issues are discussed in clear and understandable words. We stand for professional analysis and assessment of legal situations but also passionate protection of your interests. At our offices in Stuttgart and Frankfurt on the Main, we have been successfully representing and advising national and international clients – most of them for many years – since 1977. We know our clients, so we can help you prevent time-consuming and expensive legal difficulties: keeping you out of court with precautionary advice, wording contracts to prevent legal disputes and defusing disputes at an early stage. But if it comes to proceedings in court or before an arbitration tribunal, we will fight for your interests. Always keeping cost and time efficiency in mind, we pursue every necessary legal avenue on your behalf. Your success is our job.

We specialize in advising our clients on corporate law. We represent and advise medium-sized and large companies, but whether large or small, your interests are important to us. All of our attorneys are certified specialized attorneys in their fields.

Our philosophy

You can expect us to have the competence and experience to deal with all of your legal matters. But we expect more of ourselves: we are committed to giving you continuity, dedication and advice tailored to your situation. Our professional knowledge and experience, valuable networks and awareness of the latest legal developments make us your reliable legal advisor. But we don't hide behind our suits. We communicate with you and work transparently, thoroughly and understandably.

We don't just take on cases. We represent your interests!

Our practice areas

We strongly believe that only across-the-board specialization in our practice areas leads to results that meet your expectations and ours. At the same time, we are careful to always keep an eye on the big picture. The attorneys at BRP aren't "lone rangers": We regularly consult with each other. Teams of expert attorneys in the field you need, coupled with efficient working groups, are a tried-and-true concept in our firm. A lead attorney who knows you, consulting with many other experts in their fields: this is how we provide such thorough work and good results.

Our close cooperation with tax consultants, chartered accountants and auditors ensures smooth transition of your legal matters to the next step.

We don't just offer you expertise. We put it to work for you!

Our attorneys combine strong, professional, continually updated expertise with dedicated personal commitment.

We don't just work for you. We work with you!

Our network

The legal profession knows us – and we know the legal profession. To all the relevant institutions and in court, we are not just a name but also a face. Our presence over many years and our clear style have made us a reputation that helps to resolve many disputes more quickly and smoothly – because trust gives competence traction. We are here for you locally.

We also have strong and close professional relationships both domestically and abroad. As a member of INTERLAW, a worldwide association of more than 60 leading law firms, we have the best of connections in all of the world's significant commercial centers – so that you can be sure to be well-represented internationally.

We don't just have contacts. We build professional relationships!