BRP Renaud und Partner advises numerous credit and financial service institutions as well as payment and e-money institutions at its offices in Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart on all issues involving private banking law, specifically general banking and savings bank contract law. 

One focus of our service is on nationwide litigation for banks and financial service providers. Our lawyers, who are also specialized in litigation, have extensive expertise in handling complex disputes. We have special “know-how” in defending banks against claims brought by customers for allegedly incorrect investment advice or prospectus liability.

Our key activities include:

  • Advising and representing banks before courts in loan revocation cases.
  • Advising and representing banks in defending claims for damages due to allegedly wrong investment advice to clients in the acquisition of securities and other investment products, especially investments in closed-end funds. Strategic and tactical advice to banks in collective actions concerning investments. 
  • Supporting banks in setting up and enforcing claims such as those arising from cancelled loan agreements or unrealized collateral.
  • Advising and representing banks, financial service providers and companies on claims in connection with swap transactions.
  • Advising and representing banks, financial service providers and institutional investors in asserting or defending claims concerning incorrect terms and conditions of participation certificates. 
  • Defending claims asserted against banks and financial service providers by insolvency administrators, particularly insolvency challenge claims.
  • Reviewing general terms and conditions with regard to fee clauses.
  • Drafting credit or financing agreements, collateral agreements, such as transfer agreements, but also collateral pooling agreements or cash pooling agreements.

Our attorneys frequently act as speakers in these areas. We are also happy to offer our clients training courses at their premises.