Corporate law

Here we primarily provide advice and sound legal solutions. We draft shareholders’ agreements for partnerships and corporations, the constitutions for cooperatives and foundations and we advise on the best legal form, taking account of company issues, tax law, inheritance law and family law.

Our work also includes advice on increases and reductions of capital as well as the structure of all processes relating to changes in legal form, in particular mergers, splits and changes in form. We draft all company agreements and in particular, control agreements, agreements on the transfer of profits, management contracts and company lease agreements. When disputes arise between the shareholders and the company or its institutions, we provide advice and, conduct proceedings at state courts and arbitration tribunals. The acquisition of companies inevitably involves company law.

We support our clients during the purchase and sale of companies, shares in businesses and holdings and provide advice during such transactions, for instance by carrying out and assisting with due diligence.

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