Data protection

The importance of data protection law has increased a lot in virtually every area of life because of the expansion of the internet and technical progress in the collection and use of personal data. Data protection law is, however, scattered over many different regulations and the laws often stem from a time where the possibilities that exist today were unimaginable. This increases the danger of businesses  paying little or no attention to existing laws, and thus exposing themselves to considerable penalty risks. This all the more so, because data protection requirements have to be considered not only on a national level but also on an international level as soon as data streams cross the border, which is very common in the internet age. Therefore, data protection is an essential area of every compliance system.

We advise our clients on compliance with national and international data protection requirements, including drafting data protection contracts (for example, for order data processing), testing the data protection compliance of the latest technologies and preparing internal company guidelines. Our specialists in data protection law work closely with colleagues in other departments, for example in labor law, regarding the processing of employee data and in medical law when it concerns patient data.