Family and inheritance law

We frequently advise on matters pertaining to family-owned companies, issues involving matrimonial property rights and strategies for appropriate contracts relating to the implications of divorce.

All matters relating to the legal consequences of divorce are covered, in particular the assertion and defense of maintenance claims, matters relating to the apportionment of assets and liabilities, pension rights adjustment after divorce and the custody of children. Here we seek suitable financial arrangements that can be settled out of court.

If this course of action is not successful, we represent our clients’ interests in court proceedings. Work involving teams of specialists is of primary importance in this field as well, since matters of family law are frequently connected to, and have implications for, inheritance, company and tax law. 

We answer questions relating to inheritance law and draft wills of all kinds. We advise in relation to the division of the deceased’s estate and assert claims to inheritance, as well as bequests and claims to a compulsory portion, both in and out of court.