In mediation, the participants search, with the help of our mediators, for their own solution to topics of conflict. Here, juristic evaluations play a role. The individual standards of the participants, however, have priority. The aim of the mediation is to establish lasting and integral solutions to questions of conflict in a mediation agreement, that are notarially certified and can have the same quality as, for example, a judicial settlement. The advantages of mediation instead of the classic juristic, litigious way of resolving conflicts saves considerable time and costs and is capable of resolving  several areas of conflict at the same time. The participants determine the pace and scope of the proceedings. The mediator leads the proceedings and offers tried and tested methods of mediation. Mediation is classically suitable for family and inheritance law cases, but can be suitable for any conflict where the participants will continue to correspond with each other such as those in an employment relationship or in a relationship between companies.