Online trading

Distribution of goods and services over the internet is regulated by many provisions, mainly as regards business with consumers. Alongside the legal, competitive and correct design of an online shop, the effective GTC, the correct cautioning with regards to the right to cancellation, the correct data protection representation and the fulfilment of the many additional information obligations need to be taken into account (from details on additives used in food, information on special registration numbers, right through to questions regarding waste management). Missing information can not only bring dissatisfied customers onto the scene, but also competitors. Thanks to the internet, the easily implemented cross-border sales offer an additional challenge. Due tot he number of markets, the number of regulations that need to be considered multiplies.

We issue the conditions, information and clarifications needed for a successful online shop to our clients. In this way we have been helping our clients for many years - often by collaborating with our partner offices in other countries - to find the right course through the legal depths of establishing an online shop.