Dr. Barbara Ackermann-Sprenger

Certified attorney in family law
Certified attorney in inheritance law
  • Dr. Barbara Ackermann-Sprenger
  • Dr. Barbara Ackermann-Sprenger

Barbara represents and advises individuals as a certified attorney in family and inheritance law, on divorces or annulments of civil partnerships and deaths or succession planning. Her expertise includes providing legal services for registered civil partnerships where she develops various types of contracts and accompanies adoptions or repeals. Her clients mainly include self-employed people and freelancers as well as their spouses or partners. The advice covers all aspects of maintenance, materials and supplies, compensation law, custody and access, also with an international dimension. Her competence in inheritance extends to the entire statutory succession and compulsory heirship as well as the requirements for the establishment of a proper disposition of property upon death. Barbara also advises occupational pension providers on issues of supply balance. Her consulting approach is directed to a cross-divisional solution that is able to be implemented quickly and in a resource-oriented manner.

Barbara completed her studies and doctorate at the University of Erlangen. She started at BRP in 2000 and became a partner in 2004. In addition to her law practice, she does scientific work for the Beckschen Onlinegroßkommentar (BeckOGK) or the Dr. Goeler Onlinekommentar respectively on diverse family and inheritance law publications. Barbara is an interview partner for news magazines and also regularly holds talks for non-profit and charitable organisations. Alongside being a certified attorney in family law (2003) and inheritance law (2009), Barbara is a business mediator (trained at Steinbeiß-Hochschule) and a certified will executor.

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