Dr. Nadine Holzapfel

Certified attorney in administrative law
  • Dr. Nadine Holzapfel
  • Dr. Nadine Holzapfel

Nadine is a certified attorney in administrative law. At BRP, she is responsible for the department of public law. She specializes in public works and planning law, environmental law as well as renewable energy law. Nadine advises and represents companies and public authorities on the conduct of administrative procedures and administrative law litigation.

Nadine studied law at the University of Tübingen and completed an administrative supplement to her academic studies at the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer. In 2007, she qualified as an attorney. At the University of Rostock she completed her doctorate in the area of environmental law in 2013. She has been at BRP since 2014 and prior to this, worked in the public legal sector at a law firm in Bremen which specializes in renewable energy law.

Nadine is a member of the Committee for Environmental Law e.V. She is the author of various scientific publications and speaks German and English.

BRP Renaud & Partner: "Blickpunkt Bau und Immobilie", Vortragsveranstaltung am 02.02.2016.
Dr. Nadine Holzapfel, Verena Gahn und Dr. Lars Knickenberg referierten am 02.02.2016 zu verschiedenen immobilienrechtlichen Themen in Zusammenhang mit Baustellenimmissionen. 

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